This corner of paradise offers many ways to recreate and relax. As one of the most beautiful areas in the country with river, ocean and mountain adventure you will find yourself in the heart of the great outdoors. You’ll learn to love these activities and find some of your own adventures to love too!

Access to world class golf is just a short drive along the coast. From world class resorts to modest local courses – you’ll experience a wide range of invigorating, challenging golf while soaking in the clean sea air of the coast.

Books can (and have been) written about the incredible beaches found in and around Gold Beach. Spectacular stretches of sand, magnificent sea stacks, crashing surf….is yours for the taking!

Tide Pooling
You’ll discover many wonderful worlds in tidepools. In fact, these unique environments are full of fascinating plants and animals.

Jet Boat Rides
Gold Beach is synonymous with jet boats and is the gateway to the Wild & Scenic portion of the Rogue River. Departing from Gold Beach is the only way to get jet boat access to this pristine “Wild Section.” The trips are considered a must-do during any Gold Beach visit — at least in the months between May and October.

World class fishing can be found year round on the Southern Oregon Coast. River fishing (powering upstream or drifting downstream) nets Salmon (King, Chinook & Coho) and Steelhead. The ocean provides Lingcod and Rockfish for your catching enjoyment. Area fishing information can be found here: Gold Beach, Brookings/Harbor, and Port Orford

Light Houses
Historically, lighthouses have been used to mark dangerous coastlines, hazardous shoals and reefs, and safe entries to harbors. There is something fascinating and mysterious about light houses that you must experience for yourself and you’ll have plenty of opportunity from your starting point in Curry County. There are eleven lighthouses standing strong along the Oregon coast and five along the Northern California Coastline.

Oregon Coast Trail – The majesty of Oregon’s coastline unfolds around every bend along the 382-mile Coast Trail. Hikers cross sandy beaches, meander through forest-shaded corridors and traverse majestic headlands.
Gold Beach Trails
Coast, river or wilderness? How about all three in one hike? This area is a Mecca for those who love to be out in nature at its most… well, natural.
Redwood Trails
Home to many of the world’s tallest trees – old growth coast redwoods can be found with just a short drive.

Whale Watching
Oregon’s Whale Watching Program – People come from all over the United States to learn about the gray whales that migrate past our coast each year.

Rafting / Kayaking
Rogue River Canyon rafting ranks in the top 10 of Whitewater Rafting vacations in the United States. People come from the world over to vacation in Oregon and go on a Rogue River Canyon rafting trips.

Formed by the ancient forces of wind, water and time, Oregon’s dunes are the largest expanse of coastal sand dunes in North America and they hold numerous opportunities for adventure and solitude.


Oregon Caves
Take a tour through a marble cave. Learn and discover how the geology, fossils, cave life, bats, watershed, old-growth forest, and human history make Oregon Caves significant.
Crater Lake
Crater Lake has inspired people for hundreds of years. No place else on earth combines a deep, pure lake, so blue in color; sheer surrounding cliffs, almost two thousand feet high; two picturesque islands; and a violent volcanic past. It is a place of immeasurable beauty, and an outstanding outdoor laboratory and classroom.
West Coast Game Park Safari
Enjoy this walk thru Safari, where visitors meet, pet, film, and walk among hundreds of free-roaming wildlife located approximately one hour North of Gold Beach.
Sea Lion Caves
Visit nature’s home for wild sea lions and a variety of sea birds. The vast cavern with the roar of the great Steller sea lions, the cries of the wailing birds, and the restless surge of the ocean into the cave below, form an unforgettable experience.
Shore Acres
Perched on a scenic bluff above the Pacific Ocean, Shore Acres (approximately 1 1/2 hours north of Gold Beach) began as a private estate with luxurious gardens featuring trees, shrubs, and flowering plants brought from around the world. It later was purchase by the State of Oregon for use as a public park. Here you’ll find a botanical paradise surrounded by oceanic vistas.